Wpf oneway binding not updating

This property can is set to an object to use as the source for its data bindings and those of its children.

In the earlier article we used simple bindings to display string and integer values that were controlled directly by the controls in a window.

This behavior is controlled by a property on the binding called Update Source Trigger.

It defaults to the value "Default", which basically means that the source is updated based on the property that you bind to.

The third and last Text Box uses the Property Changed value, which means that the source value will be updated each time the bound property changes, which it does in this case as soon as the text changes.

Try running the example on your own machine and see how the three textboxes act completely different: The first value doesn't update before you click the button, the second value isn't updated until you leave the Text Box, while the third value updates automatically on each keystroke, text change etc.

If the source object is updated programmatically, these changes will not normally be reported to the user interface, which will continue to show old values.The second Text Box uses the Lost Focus value, which is actually the default for a Text binding.It means that the source value will be updated each time the destination control loses focus.This article considers the INotify Property Changed interface, which lets classes send notifications when property values are modified.In the previous instalment in this tutorial we looked at the Data Context property of WPF controls.

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