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Shannon is also revolutionizing the food industry with her brilliant unheard of restaurant concept: affordable, healthy food that’s low-cal. I can just see Shannon combing Pinterest, pinning low-cal recipes and shoving them on the menu at Lo-Cal (A play on So-Cal) or Oh, Kale Yeah, or Gimme The Beet or Lemonbalm – or whatever ridiculous yippie (hipster/yuppie) name she chooses for this “very unique” restaurant she’s planning to open.

The restaurant may not earn any money, but it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make to save people from their unhealthy, toxic lives – money is the ultimate toxin. I’m still not convinced the dog and the baby are the same, and sometimes Meghan just stuffs a baby mask on the dog’s head.

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If you are not yet a member, we invite you to join.Or a hamburger, which is what Meghan was talking to since Jimmy was more interested in eating than in his wife.So Meghan is married to the Hamburgler, who can’t even be bothered to steal a few days with his family in between trips.Just download the membership form below and return it to NAMI Orange County.Be sure to complete all of your contact information so we can include you in our community events invitation lists and e-newsletter.

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