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Pricing: Free Intercom shows you who your customers are and what they do with your product.You can also communicate with them through real-time in-app and email messages.To get started, just include the Hopscotch CSS and JS files on your page and you can start making your tour.The basic setup options include target, placement, title and content. Similar tour tools available on Git Hub include Crumble and Shepherd.With A/B testing and analytics you can see what's working and what isn't, and track the performance of every email, SMS and in-app message you send.It takes just five minutes to set up and without coding, you can track events in visual mode, click on elements you want to trigger and Autosend will create the events for you.With the analytics feature, a comprehensive web-based management utility provides detailed information on how well you are utilizing Walk Me, so you can use it to fine-tune your 'Walk-Thrus' to match your users' needs and requirements.Pricing: Free to custom plan Tour My App allows you to create in-app tutorials and tours to guide your users as they use your website or application, helping to onboard new users, with no coding required.

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It's simple to use and once you add a few lines of Javascript to your pages, you can use the GUI to quickly create tours.

You can design, publish and manage your onboarding experience within one dashboard, allowing your users to delve deeper into your platform.

There are a selection of patterns and templates, including simple tooltips, full-screen takeovers, slide outs and in-app alerts.

Nickelled can even be added to your existing knowledge base.

The in-depth analytics show guide performance and provide actionable data to improve user satisfaction and engagement.

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