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Primary goal of the survey is to assess hunter preferences for potential strategies that may provide crossbow hunting opportunity, alter buck harvest management and modify deer hunting season structures, say officials.

DEC Wildlife Biologist Jeremy Hurst notes that …”We’re not going to immediately jump into any regulation changes with the exception, perhaps, of some which have broad support and everyone is pretty much in agreement, such as expanding opportunities for youth hunters.

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DEC wildlife managers report that the department plans to have Cornell University’s Human Dimension Research Unit conduct another survey of Empire State hunters, concerning the management of whitetail deer.All sportsmen and women should support this very sensible legislation. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources, working closely with Archery Trade Association, has initiated a study which would help determine the impact that expanded crossbow seasons will have on vertical bow hunters?!They hope this study will show them who the crossbow hunters are and where they are coming from? It would seem that by looking to the State of Ohio, where the two hunting tools have been legal for almost a quarter-century, would be the logical approach in gathering the data they seek.Call them, e-mail them, talk to them when they are home on weekends and during their spring break. As mentioned earlier, the two bills that we consider to be the very best in the state legislature are S-307 in the State Senate by State Senator George Maziarz and the companion bill A-924 in the State Assembly by Assemblywoman Francine Del Monte.They will authorize the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to promulgate standards allowing hunting with crossbows in New York State.

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