C2c hookup

Elite package is the best option for existing business owners who can try the script first with their existing website data and further they can upgrade to mobile apps by paying the difference of ultimate package. This package is the best for the customers who want to start the e Commerce website with apps from the day one.This package allows 1 year free support and updates.The laundry facilities were fabulous, there were so many washers and dryers that worked properly, the only thing we didn’t like was that it took a card to use them, as usual the amount was off. Our Verizon card worked wonderfully but they also offered Wi Fi.If we were to ever settle down, which we do not ever plan to, but if we ever did, this would be one of our top choices to settle in.

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This package does not include any native mobile apps and does not comes with upgrade option to mobile apps later.

Effective Admin Moderation and Dispute Management: All products and sellers are monitored by site administrators.

More moderators can be added by the admin to help maintain efficiency of the site.

All approved products are published immediately and will appear in the appropriate page and search engine.

Enlarged Client Base and Multiple Payment Options: Products posted on the website are published immediately to reach the maximum number of potential buyers around the world.

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