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At least they're safe here and we can work on increasing the numbers.' Miss King's friend, wildlife photographer Garry Chisholm, said last night: 'I have lost a very dear friend who loved the animals in her care very much.'I would like to say more but I am struggling to take in this news at the moment.'Writing on Facebook this morning, Mr Chisholm added: 'I was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic events at Hamerton yesterday which resulted in the death of a good friend of mine.

'Rosa was a follower of this page and I would like to make the following tribute statement in her memory:'Rosa wasn't just a keeper at Hamerton Zoo – she WAS Hamerton Zoo.

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RIP Rosa but I'm sure she would not want him to put down.' Tiger enthusiast Russ Neve, who knew Miss King, added: 'At the end of the day, it's a wild animal and only acted as it would have done.Pete Wedderburn told the Mirror: 'The whole sequence of events would be less than half a minute.By the time they [the staff] realised a crisis was happening it would have all been over.'Mr Wedderburn told the paper a tranquiliser dart would likely have taken minutes to work, meaning it would not have been enough to save Miss King, although keepers could have killed the beast with 'a high velocity rifle'.But he added: 'You can't have keepers doing work in a zoo with high-powered rifles on every corner.'Witness Pete Davis said he believed Miss King was attacked after rushing to help a colleague in the tiger enclosure.He said: 'There's no doubting it was a girl's scream and something terrible had happened.

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