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So, too, when a Pisces blames itself for every little thing that goes wrong, as often it does, it implies much more influence than any human has."You can always count on an Aries to take charge of any situation.Their willingness to take initiative carries over in romantic situations too.Marchesella says, "For as many chatty Cathy, motormouth, blabbering Twins as there are in the world, there are also introverted Twins who are busy reading, writing, and having insightful thoughts.We don't hear from them because they're busy thinking.As an Earth sign, Taurus is one of the more reliable and stable signs in the zodiac.They're super grounded and usually into things for the long haul. Growing up, we were told that if a boy bullied us, he liked us. At that young age, they didn't know how to properly act upon their emotions, especially when it came to girls.

The art of astrology shows us our strengths and weaknesses, and, most importantly, our potential but only a complete chart can reveal these secrets.Aquarians may be very reserved and shy, or very loud and in-charge.While that might seem contradictory, the underlying trait of honesty (even if it's brutal) is a driving force behind all Aquarians.While you might think you know everything about your zodiac sign, there's actually way more than meets the eye when it comes to the stars.Here, 48 facts about each sign that will make you ~that~ much more knowledgeable the next time you read your weekly horoscope.

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