Xbox 360 achievements gamertag not updating Mature live chat

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Please put more effort into getting achievements to properly be put on our Gamertag.

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Some years ago I logged in XBox Live for first time in my XBox, for some reasons I stopped using it in Live and only played offline. People had a big issue back in February where there achievements are still not synced up.Since then, there have been all kinds of other reported issues of people not getting the achievements they earned.When you recovered your gamertag, it reset it to the last time it was seen by Live, when you only had 3000G, effectively erasing all gamerscore accumulated between the last time you were online and the recovery.If you would have gone back online before recovering, say from your console at home, it would have updated and seen those achievements, adding them to your gamerscore. The reason you still have saved data for games is because saved data and achievements are separate things; your hard drive has the saved data, but Live tracks the achievements online.

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