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Most developed nations have plenty of ISPs, but in poor countries and rural areas, the last-mile problem still looms large.If providers don’t think there’s enough profit in household service, they either don’t offer any or do it only at exorbitant rates. Consider the Spanish network Guifi, which took root in the early aughts as people got sick of waiting for their sclerotic telcos to wire the countryside.“The margins on most internet providers are so ridiculously inflated,” he says.“When people see the price they get from the mesh, they’re like, ‘Ten bucks a month? '” In other cases, meshes are run like tiny local businesses.The inventory runs to over 100,000 items which support and sustain research and teaching at the university. With more than 500 events, among them chamber and orchestral concerts, plays, dance and jazz performances and concerts of contemporary music as well as lectures and discussions, the Bruckner University is one of the region's largest organizers and presenters of cultural events.JOSEPH BONICIOLI mostly uses the same internet you and I do.This is what’s known as the “last mile” problem, and it’s usually solved by large internet service providers such as AT&T and Comcast.They buy access to the backbone and charge you for delivering the signal via telephone wires or cable lines.

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But to talk to his friends and neighbors in Athens, Greece, he’s also got something much weirder and more interesting: a private, parallel internet. They did so by linking up a set of rooftop wifi antennas to create a “mesh,” a sort of bucket brigade that can pass along data and signals.

Its backbone is a huge array of fiber-optic, telephone, and TV cables that carry data from country to country.

To gain access, you need someone to connect your house to that backbone.

All study programmes are completed with the academic degrees "Bachelor of Arts" (BA) and "Master of Arts" (MA).

The university library of the Anton Bruckner Private University for music, dance and drama is the largest music library in Upper Austria.

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