Wow intimidating shout focus macro

Mastery yields more DPS per point than any other stat at 2 targets until it plataeus (depending on gear and trinkets, roughly 17-20k) at which point is ceases to gain in damage per point.

Mastery is also only really beneficial on 2 targets, for these reasons we do not recommend stacking Mastery over Crit, Expertise or Hit; unless you plan to reforge and regem each fight, even if you are going to play Arms on every fight.

Attack power also contributes to increasing weapon damage. The reason we gem for Critical Strike however is because secondary statistics get double the amount on gems as primary statisics (such as strength).

Expertise/Crit gems should be used to help you meet the Expertise cap and instead reforge into a more useful stat.Since most raiding Warriors have not played Arms in some time, there are many questions about exactly what Arms does and how it performs in the coming tier.A group of active, Heroic raiding Warriors have come together to question, theorycraft and test all of these new changes.Any Expertise over the cap will continue to reduce your chance to be parried only when in front of bosses, however it is detrimental and a DPS loss to go over the cap.Excess Expertise should be reforged/gemmed out of whenever possible.

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