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Alice is ordered to create a Heart, a crystallization of love’s awakening, within one month by the Red Queen, and otherwise she will be executed.In order to create a Heart, the queen prepares some men for Alice.* Pre-paid dating simulation game for i OS and Android devices, and unlimited times of playing the main story after purchase by each character.* The game is a visual novel game with a fantasy, adventurous love romance.Another aspect of the games interactivity is the way you earn money.One of the easiest ways to earn money is by street performing.

NTT Solmare Corporation today announced the launch of the newest title of the games in English, “Shall we date?

The story takes place both in the real world and Wonderland, and the game players, as Alice, can experience a fantasy, adventurous love romance with each unique, mysterious and appealing male characters from Wonderland.

-Finding Love in Wonderland- A girl, the main character, finds herself standing in a defendant’s seat in her strange dream, where is somehow connected to Wonderland.

* Visual Novel Dating Simulation Game Enterprise Dating simulation games that bring the greatest love romance simulated experiences to customers in the world, having two series of “Shall we date?

” and “In Love.” The official website for the “Shall we date?

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