Who is taylor lautner dating sara hicks

Her song, "Back To December" allegedly was an ode for the actor.Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos worked on 'Tracer in 2013.Unlike Taylor's last love, singer Taylor Swift, Sara Hicks isn't a celebrity.However, rumor has it that the Twilight actor may once again be dating Ms.From Taylor Swift to Lily Collins, Tay has nabbed himself quite the popular counterparts in the past, and although he used to be pretty infamous for being quite the playboy, he’s totally settled down in recent years.

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Lautner, who has spoken candidly about his struggles to gain weight for the upcoming sequel to , stepped out for some burritos this week in the company of girlfriend Sara Hicks, as well as his little sister, Makena.Sorry ladies, but it looks like Taylor Lautner‘s off the market — again! And if she looks kinda familiar to you, it’s probably because she’s actually Tay’s HS sweetheart and on-again/off-again girlfie, Sara Hicks.Why any girl would get back together with a guy that only dates her when everyone else dumps him is beyond us.Similarly, Taylor has nothing but praise for Lily, saying: 'You can feel some sort of chemistry or a connection when you are reading a script with someone for the first time.And that was totally the case with Lily.' Despite starring in one of the biggest teen franchises of all time, Taylor’s career seems to have taken a hit recently so it is understandable that he would return to someone who knew him before he found fame.

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