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Reed appeared in 40 episodes of the reality show before leaving, amid speculation that she had been fired, following the fourth season in 2013.While there were rumors circulating gossip sites that Reed had been considered “dead weight” on the show, particularly because she was legally banned from discussing Howard on the program, the former dancer attempted to set the record straight on her own.

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Howard’s attorney, David Oscar Markus, issued a statement to ESPN shortly after the decision to re-open the case emerged: The Florida Department of Children and Families thoroughly examined all of the evidence and determined that the claims of child abuse were not substantiated. Royce Reed is now shopping her baseless allegations to authorities in Georgia after the Florida DCF case was closed.Even though the allegations have already been found to have no merit, when a complaint about the welfare of a child is made to law enforcement, an investigation is commenced.We are confident the Georgia authorities will reach the same conclusion as the Florida authorities. Howard was recently seen with his son after the two were stranded, with several thousand fans, in the Toyota Center after Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals due to flooding in the Houston area.According to the suit, Reed requested that the court award “child support determined by Florida’s Child Support Guidelines.” Howard ultimately acknowledged Braylon as his son in 2008 but the drama surrounding child support did not simply end there.Both Howard and Reed have been in a near constant battle over custody of their son for years and, in 2012, Reed actually moved to have her former boyfriend pay her legal fees.

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