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Since Omotola's husband was aware of her dating other men, I wouldn't call it cheating.Hence the title is misleading and [email protected] thank u my sister,i am engaged does not mean i own a man,dat my man went out on a date does not mean hes having an affair,neitger does it mean he isnt having an affair,my mum will always say that "no woman owns a man until hes taking her to the altar,and no man owns a woman until hes walked down the aisle with her" if marriages can break up,then wat is engagement,ive seen pple dat r engaged but later married someone else,dis is life,omotolas husband was aware of the whole thing and still married her,u think men r fools?omosexy told her husband abt the dates,it shows dere is much more undastanding btwn them The story headline is just dere to catch our brother r u minding we nigerians dat like adding salt and pepper inside soup dat does not need itok,lets say she dated other men,so what?

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Omotola Jolade Ekeinde in her own words.•Omotala advertisement Background I am the first child of three children and the only daughter. My father is from Ondo State My mother is from Abeokuta in Ogun State. While in secondary school my friends and I formed a group. I decided to read Estate Management, because I realized that I didn’t like Economics while I was in Ife, My modeling career started before my acting career. I had modeled for two years before my acting career. One day while waiting for the casting for a modeling job to start. It was for a movie titled “The Testament” It was a Swift Studio production.

commonomotola was even fair enoff to tell her hubby,if she had other ulterior motives,maybe she wouldnt have told him Umm, no she's 30 or 29 going on 30 since she was 16 in '95.

I agree with busy _ body, when two people aren't married, they don't own eachother.

1996 was 12 years ago and unless she was born in January or February, she's 31.

You made is seem like she cheated on her husband after they got married.

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