Who is geoff stults dating

We have not heard about Geoff’s marriage yet, you probably haven’t, either.

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Kate Bosworth sported skimpy shorts as she filmed an intense makeout scene with Weeds star Justin Kirk for their new romantic comedy, Bff & Baby, today in La.View 15 Photos › To see more from the set, just read more.View 15 Photos › » - Lindsay Miller Jason Biggs and Rhys Coiro have joined the cast of the independent comedy "Bff and Baby."According to Variety, the cast also includes Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter, Rachel Bilson, Fallon Goodson, Justin Kirk, Andrea Savage, Kristen Johnston, Seymour Cassel and Geoff Stults.Kat Coiro will direct from a script she co-wrote with Ritter.The film revolves around two female best friends (Ritter, Bosworth) who try to maintain their lives after Ritter's character gets pregnant and has a baby.

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