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I do feel we lose the human element of why we are in marketing, advertising, media, broadcasting.

You’re in it to connect to someone and that can’t be reduced to figures.”The fourth lesson that Cliff wanted to share was that relevance matters.

As long as you don’t sell them rubbish then podcast audiences can be incredibly loyal, Cliff reckons.

Cliff Central’s audiences are an example of this, as they have been increasing incrementally not exponentially.

“Perhaps the President of the United States is a reprehensible person, but he should be some kind of a template for anybody who wants to get an idea across …

Watch him take CNN down to absolute nonsense and rubbish and make it worthless by the end of his term.”His second lesson was that brands can no longer do the hard sell anymore, forcing their branding, product, logo and/or service into people’s lives. Years ago we would programme to a target audience and you’d hopefully hit the sweet spot.

This, he believes, has led to a need for a change in mindset.

“Niche audiences are more valuable and you should pay a premium for them, because you are going to get what you want, than a broad, mainstream, reach audience,” says Cliff.

Cliff delivered four lessons he has learnt during his time at the helm of Cliff Central, starting with authenticity.

One of the speakers at the gathering was media personality, entrepreneur and founder of Cliff Central, Gareth Cliff.

He spoke on a variety of topics from why he left the SABC and the lessons he’s learnt from three years of running Cliff Central to his views on Donald Trump and Bell Pottinger.

“Often we fall short of this in South Africa as we tend to focus on what is trending at that moment or what we think is the real political story that people care about.” He used the Bell Pottinger debacle as an example of this. We’re actually a real bunch of fucking idiots, if you ask me.

To have this PR company from Britain write a script and for all of us to play along like mindless extras is embarrassing to the nth degree and what it proves is that it’s not just about marketing,” he says.“It’s about understanding how to divide people and how to prejudice them against each other and how to hurt them and appeal to their base nature.

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