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Donald Lawrence Reynolds was the principal of the Washington Tustin High School, at which Dr.Benjamin Linus and Leslie Arzt worked in the flash-sideways timeline and where John Locke also appeared as a substitute teacher.The Oscar winner got more candid for the interview, revealing she’s a huge "Real Housewives" fan, and often texts executive producer Andy Cohen with feedback.Jennifer Lawrence urges women to have hope after Trump's election Lawrence, who has been linked to her "X-Men" co-star Nicholas Hoult and Coldplay's Chris Martin, does not appear to be pining to become a mother anytime soon. YRM (Your Righteous Mind)Quietwater/Verity (release date: August 9, 2011) By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog.Those enchanted by the GRAMMY- and Stellar Award-winning Donald Lawrence’s previous work will appreciate that YRM (Your Righteous Mind) follows artistically in the footsteps of his most immediate predecessors, The Law of Confession Part 1 and I Speak Life.

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And on “Through the Fire,” the group doesn’t gospelize Chaka Khan’s 1985 hit but instead renders it nearly note-for-note.

on YRM, among them Dorinda Clark Cole on the hit title track, Israel Houghton on the poignant “We Agree,” and fellow Chicagoan Kim Mc Farland on Walter Hawkins’ classic “When the Battle is Over.“ Besides the slate of fine soloists, much needs to be said about “& Co.” It is a group of exceptional singers with perfect diction who deliver lyrics with precision and power.

In a time when music can overtake the message, with Donald Lawrence & Co., you not only hear each word, but you also feel each word.

On this, his third solo CD, Lawrence uses his authoritative voice to teach lessons, declare simple truths, send audibles to the choir, and explain the stories behind some of the songs, which are often inspired by teachings of favorite pastors (one appears here: Bishop Tudor Bismark of South Africa).

Though its messages are diverse, a unifying element of YRM is the belief that you are what you, in your mind, declare yourself to be.

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