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Kaley Cuoco might have been a wonderful person on the inside, but she totally used him for PR purposes.

And then, he gets back together with Gina Carano, disappears from the limelight, and we all had hope for him again.

There’s no word on how or when Henry Cavill met this Marisa Gonzalo, but there are social media pictures confirming their association with each other.

There are also VERY incriminating pictures and social media tweets concerning Marisa, and it’s a bit worrying that Henry – who considers himself an animal lover – would be dating someone who is so blatant about killing animals and bragging about it to everyone who will listen.

However, it seems like he’s been keeping his relationship on the down low.

It's actually a real and true sign of someone's maturity," Cavill said.

"But in this case, she's fantastic." It turns out, Cavill has had experience being on the opposite end of a large age gap in a relationship as well.

But alas, that hope has now been shot down in the most brutal way possible, in the shape of 21-year-old crazy.

We were rooting for you, Henry, we were rooting for you. What do you guys think about Henry Cavill’s new girlfriend?

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