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From the corner of my eye I see Luke pulling off his shirt.Man I will never get enough of seeing his abs, they make me melt."Jai does." We all stare at Jai who is completely in his own little world typing away on his phone.I have to say he's almost, always on his phone whenever he's with us.And is asked to be Luke's Girlfriend by Management. We're currently in there dressing room there show is about to come on in about ten minutes. "You Fucking Carrot" Poor Skip.) A N A L E I G H "So, Analeigh dear I heard your were getting hot and frisky with Lukey pukey here." James smirks, we've been having this conversation for what seems like a good thirty minutes.

By continuing to use our service, you agree to our use of cookies. I think it would be quiet uncomfortable, to be that tiny and fit into a pocket. Right now as we speak he's wearing just his boxers, claiming that be doesn't want to get them dirty."No one wants to get into your pants Daniel, and be so close to your dick." James chuckles, receiving a mischievous glare from Daniel."I pretty much came to see Ariana and spent it with her." That was super cute of Jai to fly thousands of miles to see Ariana, but James Yammouni might have even upstaged him!According to Jai, James, who made the trip with him, did something even more special for his girlfriend, heading to a 99 cent store and decorating his girlfriend's room with balloons and other fun things he could find. Who do you think is the most romantic guy in the Janoskians?

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