Were nicole brown simpson and ron goldman dating

Along with her familial duties, Nicole started a small interior decorating business. Finally, in 1992, after years of abuse and philandering by her husband, Nicole filed for divorce.Newly single and on her own, Nicole Brown Simpson relished her new life. was known to follow her, reportedly even hiding out in the bushes of her yard.

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It is alleged that Simpson ripped out those pages and took them with him, rereading them and letting them fester until he was so overcome with rage that he brutally attacked his ex and the man who just so happened to be with her.In the 20 years since the trial, the sister of Ron Goldman has known her share of heartache, reflection and healing — but says she stops short at forgiveness for the murder of her brother, to whom she was extraordinarily close. I mean, we were always touching, always holding hands,” Kim Goldman said.“We had been through so much at such a young age that we just embraced each other.” From a young age, the Goldman siblings were raised by their father, after their mother left when Kim was three and a half years old and Ron was six. this one thing that has been recently uncovered is actually pretty interesting.One day he entered her home and rummaged through her bedroom and found her diary.

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