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The utility of such an adjunct to a book, especially one of this nature, wherein so many events are mentioned, is well known. He died in 1472, and the date of the chancel is supposed to be about 1460.

However, it is hoped that our index has not been so minutely constructed as the one of which the following anecdote is related : A searcher after something or the other in a Year-Book of the Law (deeply interesting), in looking through the classified index, came to the Bs. Bartholomew, 128 Alphabetical Vocabulary of the Eighth Century at Corpus Christi College, 69 Altar-cloth, Exeter College, 166 .. The Tower and Spire were erected in the year 1300 (as closely computed), and completed in the reign of Edward II.

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, 78— Private Residence of Ro- bertas de Sancto Albano, 79— other pro- prietorships, 79— benefactors 79— Bell-tow- er, 79— Hall and Chapel, 79— Eminent Men : Lenthal, Massinger, Whately, &c. Albano, Robertus de Sancto, 79 Alberic, Aubrey de Vere, title of Earl of Oxford granted to, 4 Albert, Prince, Statue of, 123 Aldate's, St., Church of, 44 ..', Parish of, 11, 44 ; Fire in, 73 Aldine Classics at Corpus Christi College, 69 Aldrich, Dean, 54, 57, 70, 109, 159 Alexander, Dr. Sedgmoor Field, 157 — Altar-piece, 157— Planetarium, 158— Tripod from Corinth,. Turner's original designs for, 190— Telugu, 97 Almshouses, Boulter's, St. several benefactions were given by royalty, noblemen, and dignitaries of the Church. The interior of the church was restored in ] 827-8, after de- signs by Mr.

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So far as the history of the collegiate foundations and other University build- ings were concerned, it was most exhaustive, and won public praise deservedly. Stephens, dated March 2, 1705 : "Henceforth the Church including the side aisles, its height being 70 ft., side aisles, 50 ft, ; chancel 64 ft.

A brief space devoted to city history gave much valuable information. by 24 ft., and the height of the spire from the ground is 207 ft. Mary's, with symmetric pride," swells into glory with beautiful effect on a bright moonlight evening, when the radi- ance falling upon the church is exquisite.

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