Vb net assembly version not updating

If build and test takes a little while (20 minutes), this would save a lot of time elevating through the different stages, and it would ensure the binaries you tested are the ones you ship.For deployment, we update the Assembly Info files and do a full rebuild, but that is getting too heavy, so we're moving to an incremental build. Incremental is just for the continuous internal build.

Our build is the same for both deployment and internal testing.

By default, this is: Setting the Assembly Version attribute to "1.0.*" tells Visual Basic .

NET to use 1 for the major part, 0 for the minor part, and to come up with build and revision part numbers automatically. NET will assign an arbitrary build part and an arbitrary revision part, and it will change the revision part each time you rebuild the assembly.

If you have formal testing and source control, the process becomes fairly straightforward. The first segment contains the Major Version number.

It starts with an understanding of who can change the differnt number segments of the version, and when. This is set by upper management and indicates a major change in the UI or in the platform of the app.

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