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According to Asian Pop News, Vanness is in Beijing, China filming for a movie, while Arissa is back in her hometown in Singapore, actively managing her fashion empire.Moreover, Vanness' manager spoke up about the issue and revealed that the couple is still married.In August last year, the couple had a publicized argument, dissing each other via cryptic posts and comments on their personal Instagram accounts.The high-profile couple unfollowed each other after the fight.Some of Vanness' upcoming projects are television dramas in Taiwan, as well as an exclusive accessory line called 3V07, a reversal of the word LOVE.

The heiress reportedly has talked to a good friend about ending her marriage, saying that she could not go through with it.However, he is eager to collaborate with artistes such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and U2, in the future.For now, Vanness is just eager to meet his fans and family in Singapore.Vaness' manager refused to comment on his relationship.Recently, Vanness Wu held an autograph session for his new album.

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