Validating emotion regulation

Parental emotion coaching involves acknowledging and validating children's feelings, as well as guiding them on how to manage intense or negative feelings.Although parental emotion coaching has been identified as a potentially important factor for children's emotional development, research into this topic is scant.The present study examined whether maternal emotion coaching can play a mediational role between family risk (i.e.

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Examples include trying to cheer up a friend who is upset, trying to make one's partner feel guilty for neglecting oneself, or trying to calm a stressed coworker.

Two survey studies (N = 1515 and N = 526) were conducted to first develop and then test and validate the instrument.

The newly constructed scale showed adequate internal consistency reliabilities and correlated expectedly with measures of general emotion regulation and musical engagement.

In emotional labor, an employee (usually in a service or care role) is required to manage his or her emotions as part of the job (e.g., 'service with a smile').

Because employees can also be required to manage the emotions of their customers or clients as part of their job (e.g., debt collectors are required to elicit anxiety in relaxed debtors to encourage them to make a payment Interpersonal emotion regulation also shares links with other processes by which people come to influence others' emotions, such as emotional contagion, in which the emotions of one person are 'caught' by another person as a result of mere contact (e.g., if someone was having a terrible day, they might 'infect' their friends with their bad mood).

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