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It is estimated that over 600,000 web sites are running Ruby on Rails.We are going to install the latest version of the Ruby language (version 2.1.2) on the latest version of Rails (version 4.1.2) on top of Ubuntu Trusty (version 14.04).It is a community driven effort to have a semi-official fork of Can Can.It serves as a drop-in replacement for people who want to use Can Can after upgrading to Rails 4.You have a Rails application server running at PUBLIC_IP:3000.Point a browser here and you should see: And if you hit the "About..." link you will see that Ruby is running version 2.1.2 and Rails is running version 4.1.2.Ruby on Rails, often simply referred to as Rails, is an open source web application framework which runs via the Ruby programming language.

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If you’re looking to create Ruby on Rails web apps, you’ll learn how to build a complete Rails 4 app step-by-step in this online course also from The Pragmatic Studio.

Create a Postgre SQL user that has permissions to create databases, or expediency sakes name it the same as the current login user (centurylinkdev).

If you decide to create a different Postgre SQL user you will need to update And, viola!

To do this we need to edit the file The first command will show you all the tables currently defined.

The second command shows the currently defined users on the system. Now that we have the operating system and database set up, let's complete the exercise by installing the Ruby language and Rails runtime.

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