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Options are available for real time displays, historical reports (including scheduled) and a “Snapshot” which is a low profile, always on-top application that scrolls key Star Center metrics across the user's display.(Note) See also Screen Builder - Custom Screens Note: If you are in a different time zone than your call center and you want the display localized for that call center, please change your computer's time zone settings to match the time zone of your call center.Add to your source code if you used Carthage or Cocoa Pods setup methods.You can style and control Cosmos view from your code by creating an outlet in your view controller.: Carthage setup method does not allow to customize Cosmos view from the storyboard, please do it from code instead.One can position the Cosmos view using Auto Layout constaints.

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As before all channels can be received with SV7A ethernet cable connection from router to SV7 box is also needed,with a internet connection at all times.

The width and height of the view is determined automatically based on the size of its content - stars and text.

Therefore, there is no need to set width/height constaints on the Cosmos view.

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