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Les see one example of how to set formula cells in excel?In this code, there are four cells in a row and fourth one in multiplication of all previous 3 rows.

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Apart from reports, you can expect input data for application coming in form of excel sheets and application is expected to support it.Another useful class Formula Evaluator is used to evaluate the formula cells in excel sheet.A wide range of classes like Cell Style, Builtin Formats, Comparison Operator, Conditional Formatting Rule, Font Formatting, Indexed Colors, Pattern Formatting, Sheet Conditional Formatting etc.So the formula will be : A2*B2*C2 (in second row)So for we have seen the examples of reading/ writing and excel file using apache POI.But, when we are creating a report in excel file and it becomes utmost important to add formatting on cells which fit into any per-determined criteria.

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