Updating hard wired smoke alarms

Qualified electricians must install smoke alarms that are ‘hard wired’ to the consumer mains power source, but battery operated smoke alarms can be installed by anyone.

If you are renting a dwelling or unit, it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure smoke alarms are installed and kept in working condition.

You might also have the option of adding home automation features that may not have been available when your wired alarm system was installed.

But make certain to check with the company your wired equipment comes from: in some cases, the possibility for a hybrid system simply does not exist.

The only disadvantages are that the system may be outdated and need some revamping and updated, replacement equipment.Let’s examine the security of a hard-wired alarm system.From wireless alarm system promoters you may typically hear, “With a wired system, you also have to worry about the wires being cut and power outages, which are not issues on a wireless system.” This is not necessarily true, for the following reasons: To state that a “hard-wired alarm system is disabled by cutting wires” is the same thing as saying that a “wireless alarm system is defeated by pulling a wireless sensor off of the wall”.This is not how these respective alarm systems work.So which wires should you be worried about being cut?

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