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It is important to understand that Thinkpads from IBM have two separate firmwares: the BIOS, and the Embedded Controller Program (ECP). You can find them at the page BIOS_Upgrade/X_Series. In that case, extract the disk image with cabextract as per instructions above and dd it to an usb stick.

A given BIOS version will require a certain version of the ECP. (This will destroy the data on it, of course.) Acquire a pure DOS boot cd such as Windows 98 recovery CD and boot that.

Update: Comments suggest that gigabyte are now using 7zip, not rar as their archive format.

Dealing with Gigabyte support can be a frustrating experience. Once they reply to your enquiry which can take several days, you get a response telling you to visit their website to read the response, and you can reply.

This is a very brief writeup of how to upgrade the BIOS on a X1 Carbon (G1) from Linux.

If you have Windows on your Think Pad you can just boot into it and follow instructions on the Lenovo website. Write the extracted image to a USB Flash drive using dd.This process means it can take several weeks to get a clear and final answer.In my case I was trying to get a fix for what I thought was a flakey BIOS in my Gigabyte GA-M68SM-S2L.The link to the Perl script is available on the Think Wiki page, or from Git Hub.Now, insert a USB stick and unmount it manually, not using Ubuntu/Gnome file manager’s eject thingy!

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