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This profile is used in a concurrent program to create accounts payable, and accounts receivable to decide if Internal Order transactions should be invoiced. INV: Advanced Pricing for Intercompany Invoice When you set this profile to "Yes", you can use the Advanced Pricing engine for Intercompany Invoicing. INV: Default Primary Unit of Measure Indicates the default primary unit of measure for new items you define.àThis profile is updateable at all levels.

A "Yes" value enables creation of intercompany invoices. INV: Dynamic Precision Option for Quantity on Reports Indicates the decimal precision for your unit costs.

User Entered You must enter expenditure types for project miscellaneous transactions.àThis profile is updateable at all levels.

INV: Intercompany Currency Conversion Indicates the currency conversion for intercompany invoices using different currencies.

Inventory predefines a value of Continue processing for this profile for all levels upon installation.àThis profile is updateable at all levels.

INV: RC Requisition Approval Indicates the status of Subinventory Replenishment requisitions created by the replenishment processor.

Available values are: Continue processing Other (successful) lines for the replenishment header are processed to requisition lines.

Halt processing Do not process other (successful) lines for the replenishment header.

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