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A per-resource monitoring system and way-based allocation can be managed by VM, container, or thread group level.

The Falkor CPU pipeline has variable-length pipelines tuned for each function, such as load/store (LDx/STx).

The chip is Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) compliant, which is an open-source standard for 64-bit ARM processors that allow operating systems to work across platforms without modification.

The system can be found in Microsoft’s Project Olympus platform Qualcomm isn’t the only player in this space.

On March 4, after Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke near Moscow, Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, ran an article entitled “Putin calls Ukraine events coup, defends Russian position.” The Chinese story did little to question Putin’s stance. There was that nasty Sino-Soviet split, which stole decades from a budding socialist brotherhood.

(The split was fully mended in 1989 when Mikhail Gorbachev visited Beijing, shortly before the Tiananmen massacre.) But recent years have seen a thaw in relations, and the two nations have acted in lockstep over major foreign-policy stumbling blocks like Syria.

Applied Micro/Macom’s X-Gene 3 is aimed at big data and cloud storage.

The 16-entry branch target instruction cache (BTIC) has no branch overhead.This is more effective in servers versus embedded systems, where the latter has to contend with interrupts and task switching.The Centriq 2400 fits into a 55- × 55-mm LGA socket.The chip uses 10-nm technology and incorporates the latest EL3 Trust Zone and EL2 hypervisor support from ARM.Each CPU core is paired with another core and a shared L2 cache into a duplex building block that’s linked to other blocks using a bidirectional segmented ring bus The chip has 32 PCI Express Gen 3 lanes and six DDR4 memory channels with ECC support.

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