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The Bribery Act, which is considered one of the most sweeping pieces of antibribery legislation in the world, came into force following a 2011 scandal in which the paper admitted to having repeatedly bribed public officials.

Political party funding has been a controversial topic, and scandals around donations occur.

In July, Cameron came under fire for accepting a donation of £160,000 (0,000) from the wife of a former Russian minister in exchange for a game of tennis with him and London mayor Boris Johnson.

A March change in Labour membership rules angered union leaders, the party’s majority funders, leading them to cut the number of affiliated members and £1.5 million (.3 million) in union donations.

Executive power rests with the prime minister and cabinet, who must have the support of the Commons.

The ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) made major gains in Scotland’s election the same year. Political Pluralism and Participation: 16 / 16 The Conservative and Labour Parties have traditionally dominated UK politics, with the Liberal Democrats in third place.

Other parties include the Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru and the SNP.

In Northern Ireland, the main Catholic and republican parties are Sinn Féin and the Social Democratic and Labour Parties, while the leading Protestant and unionist parties are the Ulster Unionist Party and the DUP.

Smaller parties, such as the Greens and the British National Party, fare better in races for the European Parliament, which feature proportional representation voting.

The struggle between unionists and Irish nationalists over governance in Northern Ireland largely ended with a 1998 peace agreement, which established the Northern Ireland Assembly.

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