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Dave, long time WCBS newswriter, voices an Edgar Allan Poe montage for Newsradio 88's Book Beat in 1992. Here's an interview with Gary by Wayne Cabot and Debbie Rodriguez on 6/4/05, which I took from the regulation 880 site -- and thanks that they're still doing something like this. Note: opens with a one-minute snippet of morning drive with Jim Donnelly and Lou Adler, 1978. It's Bob's demo package, which includes net promos, commercials, industrial narrations, etc. A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z See also: Legacy Finding Aids in the North Carolina Digital Collections - Legacy finding aids are finding aids that have not been updated recently.The rather ponderous presentation includes few if any commercials, and virtually no news audio. Audio courtesy of Bill Tynan, Manager of On-Air Promotion, WCBS. In those formative years Murrow and Shirer weren't allowed to go on the air themselves, but arranged for newspaper reporters to broadcast "talks." Go to Shirer Obit, Newsday, 12/30/93. On this broadcast you'll hear Joseph Dembo, first VP/GM of WCBS, as well as a tribute by Dan Rather. S., said to have been the largest power failure in North American history. Wayne Cabot recorded this montage from his home radio as the new year of 1980 was ushered in by Rich Lamb in Times Square. I'd been on the early morning shift, writing the 6a and 8a drive time hours, then switching to tape ops in Studio F. George Hotel in an interview with WCBS anchorman Harley Carnes. The Fugazi reports were unreliable, often out of date, sometimes wrong, generally unprofessional -- and eventually replaced by Shadow Traffic. Don Swaim's interview with Shirer on his early days with Murrow was heard as a special report on WCBS Radio on 7/7/84 (). The renown CBS News Correspondent launched his career with CBS in 1939 as a part-time translator of foreign broadcasts. Murrow [three shots of Scotch and no script] during WW II and how Shoenbrun became the CBS News Paris Bureau Chief in 1947. - Texas humorist John Henry Faulk, a popular performer on WCBS Radio, was falsely accused of being a communist and blacklisted during the witchhunts of the 1950s. Wayne Cabot, now an anchor at WCBS, has had a love affair with his adored radio station since adolescence. - For years Lou Dorfsman was head of graphic design at CBS. Tom Carlson was the broadcast's director, Keith Parke handled tape, and David Saviet ran the board. Long time Newsradio 88 fans will recognize the voices of George Reading, John Lynker, Palmer Payne, Jack Welby, Allegra Branson, and meterologist Gordon Barnes. WCBS staffers include Tony Guida, Pat Carroll, Marla Diamond, Irene Cornell, Tom Kaminsky, Mike Xirinachs, Ginny Kosola, Ed Crane. Veteran listeners will recognize the voices of Robert Vaughn, Walt Wheeler, Ben Farnsworth, Pat Parson, David Jackson, Reid Collins, Norm Mc Donald, Gil Gross, John Connolly, Bill Fahan, Ralph Howard, Art Athens, Neil Busch, Jane Tillman Irving, Harvey Hauptman, and more. As a teen (when other teens were doing what they do), Wayne Cabot recorded this broadcast from his bedside radio in New Jersey: Art's year-end documentary on the events of 1978. Announcer Hal Simms reads the news (another Cuban airline hijacking). The WCBS offices then were on the 16th floor of Black Rock, 51 W. The late Ted Feurey was the producer and he insisted that I work an extra hour's overtime, which isn't that objectionable, since I was there already.

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All the telephone interviews, reporters' reports, weather reports and so forth were either taped or relayed live from F. Listener Ken Tenore of New Rochelle, NY, is both a Newsradio 88 fan and a weather buff. for your newest aircheck highlighting a February 1975 snowstorm, the date on your Appreciation Page should be changed to read February 12, 1975. Resnick sent us an interesting aircheck dating to the late 70s. While that didn't happen, Steve remains a fan of Newsradio 88, and captured on tape (the late) Parson and Farnsworth bantering on the air during a heat wave on July 21, 1977. Many period radio promos and commercials, and a number of Newsradio88 airchecks, reporting and anchor. For WCBS Staff Reporter Dave Marash, covering the 1972 Summer Olympics for CBS Radio News was a choice assignment.

Now, WINS and WCBS are not only owned by the same company but have the same general manager. That was quite a lot of production we did for those and I am quite proud that 100% of it reflects my work." - WCBS ALERTS AND SOUNDERS. Best, Todd, Certified Broadcast Meteorolgist, WCBS Newsradio-880, New York City, NY. - COMPLETE PACKAGE -- MORE THAN JUST THE HEADLINES.

All the CBS-owned stations in New York have been moved to a combined facility at 345 Hudson Street. Includes sounders for traffic, business, and bulletins from the '70s, as well as various CBS network production pieces. Designed by the Axcess Group of Dallas, these "More Than Just the Headlines" jingles debuted on WCBS in the mid-90s. Audio courtesy of David Briggman, who for good measure has thrown in similar jingle packages for sister CBS stations KNX, Los Angeles, and WWJ, Detroit.

Listen to these simple mp3 audio files on Macs or PCs or download them to i Pods, i Pads, smart phones, etc. Debuted during its 1979 Memorial Day Top 500 Countdown Weekend. We're indebted to radio buff John Landers for sharing this rare archive [dubbed from the master reel provided by the late Newsradio 88 News Director Rob Sunde]. [runs ] - STEVE KARMEN WCBS JINGLES -- PERONALIZED.

If you have CBS audio to share, please email or send CDs or cassettes via ground mail. WCBS AXCESS JINGLE PACKAGE without THE ANNOUNCER VOICING THE TRACK NUMBERS. [a shorter version of WCBS-FM signature sounds below] LISTEN. Includes sounders for bulletins and special broadcasts for the FM oldies music station. Used on the hour followed by a Top 500 CBS-FM jingle. [runs :09] - WINS COMPLETE JINGLE PACKAGE.1010-WINS and WCBS Radio were once arch competitors. Using the Steve Karmen music beds -- above -- WCBS in the 70s was able to personalize the "News-Is" jingles with the names of its anchors and reporters.

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