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We even offer a “just for fun” division for people who want to start at the same time as their friend or family member, rather than their assigned age group. Stick around after the event for children’s beach activities, a fabulous sports expo and convenient on-site dining.

: For a few extra dollars you can protect your investment.

One of Nottingham's key sporting events, the Outlaw has become (almost) even more legendary than Robin Hood, the Major Oak and Brian Clough!

The event begins with a mass swim start in the Regatta Lake at Nottingham's National Water Sports Centre.It is the ultimate combination of sport, fun and a triathlon festival experience like no other.The Bintan Triathlon is best-known for its course: clear and calm waters, exceptional bike and festive run courses, attracting seasoned athletes in the region looking for a one-of-a-kind challenge.On arrival at the finish you will receive a hero's welcome and be crowned a modern day Outlaw.Then you can enjoy the festival atmosphere with thousands of spectators cheering the athletes home until the sun finally sets on a spectacular day of racing.

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