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Hearing the stories of these people, we feel their joy and love – as well as their pain and sorrow when they have to battle against a world of fear, prejudice and violence.

While filming the documentary Jack´s feelings for Char deepen and he has to face his own fears and prejudices.

Sometimes when I went to school, I didn’t even have food or have money to buy my snacks.

What I would do sometimes, since I was quite good at school, is that I was the one who would answer the questions of my other classmates or I would share my answers with them, and they would pay me for that or they would give me snacks..

Philippines is an awesome destination for finding your ladyboy love!

Right after Thailand, it's in Philippines that you will find the biggest population of transgender women (aka ladyboys in Asia).

Many of our male members already found love with a Filipino ladyboy, are you the next one?

There came a point when I didn’t want to go to school anymore, or I was too lazy to go to school anymore, because of money.

Vanity ponders her career choices and explains that dating foreign men is often only option for transpinays since local companions are hard to find.

For Nicole living in the slum problems are more mundane. Even healthcare officials may refuse to treat transpinays because of their religious beliefs.

My priority had to be the opportunity to earn money through winning pageants, rather than my studies, because I wanted to help my family. Finally, there came a time when I heard from my dad, and he was helping with my needs, but by then my studies were not important to me.

I went to Manila, I went to different places, I wasted so much of my time.

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