Tibetan buddhist dating

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Sponsor a Puja for a Loved One or for Yourself Pujas are traditional group rituals performed for the sick, on behalf of those who have died or to dispel obstacles in times of difficulty.

Buddhist holidays often are a mix of secular and religious practices, and the way they are observed can vary considerably from one tradition to another.

What follows are the most important holidays, but there are many others.

According to the advice from Geshe Dakpa, in order to create a karmic connection, it is good for those requesting to make an offering (however small) when adding someone to the list.

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It is traditional to meditate all through the night on the last night of Rohatsu Sesshin. Don’t embarrass your hosts by asking them for things they can’t provide. Don’t ask to be shown the food while people are cooking. Eat and drink at least a little of whatever the host offers you. When lamas or elders come in or leave, you should stand up. If you meet a lama, remove your hat and bend down a little. Be patient with elders, and flatter them a little from time to time. Apart from questions about sex and love, feel free to ask any questions. Men and women shouldn’t sit too close to each other. Men should avoid making contact with women they don’t know. Don’t point your fingers at image of lamas, Buddhas or deities. Men should generally sit on the right hand side of the house. Don’t pass things like clothes or shoes over the stove. Don’t step over other people (not even their feet) or their clothes. If you are a women wearing a skirt, gather it together when you pass people sitting on the floor and don’t let the skirt brush others. If you can, bring a gift for the rest of the family as well. Always bring gifts, such as candy or pocket money, for children.

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