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Although the native biological role of APP is of obvious interest to Alzheimer's research, thorough understanding has remained elusive.The most-substantiated role for APP is in synaptic formation and repair; its expression is upregulated during neuronal differentiation and after neural injury.Note the progression of individual beads towards the right, anterograde, side of the injection site heading towards the presynaptic terminal.(d) Two images of the green channel from the same video sequence; (left) first frame; (center) 100 frames superimposed.When APP molecules occupy a lipid raft region of membrane, they are more accessible to and differentially cleaved by beta secretase, whereas APP molecules outside a raft are differentially cleaved by the non-amyloidogenic alpha secretase.

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This substitution is adjacent to the beta secretase cleavage site and results in a 40% reduction in the formation of amyloid beta in vitro.(f) Single bead trajectories at high magnification from a set of superimposed frames showing movements of beads.Amyloid precursor protein (APP) is an integral membrane protein expressed in many tissues and concentrated in the synapses of neurons.The patient, parent of the minor patient, and/or legal representative will be asked to complete a short FMH Proxy Authorization Form, including his/her email address.1AAP, 1AMB, 1AMC, 1AML, 1BA4, 1BA6, 1BJB, 1BJC, 1BRC, 1CA0, 1HZ3, 1IYT, 1MWP, 1OWT, 1QCM, 1QWP, 1QXC, 1QYT, 1TAW, 1TKN, 1X11, 1Z0Q, 1ZJD, 2BEG, 2BP4, 2FJZ, 2FK1, 2FK2, 2FK3, 2FKL, 2FMA, 2G47, 2IPU, 2LFM, 2LLM, 2LMN, 2LMO, 2LMP, 2LMQ, 2LOH, 2LP1, 2OTK, 2R0W, 2WK3, 2Y29, 2Y2A, 2Y3J, 2Y3K, 2Y3L, 3AYU, 3DXC, 3DXD, 3DXE, 3GCI, 3IFL, 3IFN, 3IFO, 3IFP, 3JTI, 3KTM, 3L33, 3L81, 3MOQ, 3NYL, 3SV1, 3U0T, 3UMH, 3UMI, 3UMK, 4HIX, 1ZE7, 1ZE9, 2LNQ, 2LZ3, 2LZ4, 2M4J, 2M9R, 2M9S, 2MGT, 2MJ1, 2MPZ, 2MVX, 2MXU, 3BAE, 3BKJ, 3JQ5, 3JQL, 3MXC, 3NYJ, 3OVJ, 3OW9, 4JFN, 4M1C, 4MDR, 4NGE, 4OJF, 4ONF, 4ONG, 4PQD, 4PWQ, 4MVI, 4MVK, 4MVL, 4XXD, 5CSZ, 5AMB, 5AEF, 5AM8, 5BUO, 5HOY, 5HOW, 5HOX, 5KK3, 5C67, 2NAO The metal-binding domain of APP with a bound copper ion.

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