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In Nevada, all the state's thousands of legally working sexual companions have mandatory STD testing every week.There has never been a case of HIV reported in the brothel system in Nevada.Sex work is a physically intimate therapy session for most of our clients.Many workers who work independently also have to schedule hotel rooms, vet their clients to make sure they aren't dangerous, run their own websites and handle marketing.Shaming our clients demonises their sexuality, which is repressive and judgmental.

Clients are able to let their barriers down and have a connection with a near stranger and it is often highly therapeutic for them.To jeopardise our health and our clients' health for one client's desires could ruin our reputation and cost us our jobs.So we take many precautions to protect ourselves and our clients.We use condoms for all of our services – including condoms for blow jobs and dental dams for cunnilingus.We take our health seriously: just like a massage therapist or a labor contractor, if our bodies aren't in top shape, we can't pay our bills, feed ourselves or support our families.

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