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She had gotten excited even if she hadn’t wanted too. I reached into Courtney’s pussy lips and found that they were wet.Maybe her brother had done most of the work getting her excited but I got the payoff.She went down like a sack of potatoes and cried out “Oh God” a half a dozen times before the next clap. ” We were told that during the seventy-two day sex camp that we would get to have each girl for a full day five times.I worked her into a frenzy until her knees buckled.However her nipples were the darkest and the longest.Her clit was the most sensitive because she had gone to her knees twice before I got to her.

Dad said that if I did a really good job this summer that I would be rewarded for the rest of my life. After my inspection was over I took my place back in front of my sister.

Besides he should be used to it by now, he had to left Courtney up when I left her on the floor. A couple of the girls were younger than Courtney but the rest were older. It hadn’t helped that she could tell that it was becoming her turn soon, as the girls next her were dropping to their knees as I attacked their clits.

The Oriental girl was older than Courtney but had the tiniest tits in the bunch.

We were getting into training for some strenuous exercise. Then Courtney had to clean the eighteen-year-old girl out.

The girls were taken to another area and started training to do splits, put their ankles behind their heads while sitting, and to put their heads between their legs while standing and bending over. At dinner we had hotdogs that had been in the girl’s pussies for thirty minutes each, two at a time. It was pretty exciting to watch the girls eat one another out.

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