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The culture of Sudan is a melting pot of fusion between different cultures.

The immigrant Arab culture and the neighboring cultures (mainly Egyptian and West African cultures) have strongly influenced Sudanese culture. The fabled kingdoms of Kerma and Kush (also referred to as Nubia), and many now also believe Punt (South-East Sudan – Beja lands) once rose and fell within the borders of Sudan.

The trade routes can still be pointed out by a chain of ruins, extending from the shores of the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean.

The cities Adule, Axum, Napatan, Meroe, Thebes and Carthage were the links in the chain.

From Meroe eastward extended the route by which the wares of southern Arabia and Africa were interchanged.

The great wealth of the Kushites arose from this net work of commerce which covered the world of the historical times.

When exactly the trade between Southeast Asia and the southeastern coast of Africa began is still open to much debate, however the oldest archaeological remains of the domestic chicken (Galllus gallus) found in Tanzania may give us an indication; the remains dates back to 2,800 BCE.

Both the domestic chicken and cinnamon originated in Southeast Asia.

Looking back at Sudan’s origins one may well wonder whether the ancient civilizations of Sudan may have given birth to Egyptian civilization since archaeologists have discovered one of the oldest cemeteries ever found in Africa – dating back to 7500 B. – and the oldest evidence of cattle domestication ever found in the Nile Valley in Northern Sudan.Even today Sudan has a thriving aromatic culture with a unique way of making perfumes.To get a perspective of Sudan’s rich aromatic culture one has to look back into the History of Sudan and its important geographical position that served as a route of passage for people, trade, and ideas since ancient times.Nudism is a fun, healthy, freeing and wholesome way for men and women to socialize and live without clothes.Naturism is a philosophy that values simplicity and increased harmony with nature.

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