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If you need to know where you are in a document tree at some time, you must save enough information to determine it yourself.

St AX (Streaming API for XML) is detailed in specification JSR-173, stewarded by an expert group headed by BEA.

However, also because the entire document is not loaded, and the document is only accessed one symbol at a time, SAX provides no document query capability.

In addition, SAX parsers do not provide any document validation capabilities.

A SAX parser does not read in an entire XML document before allowing you to process the data.

Instead, it fires specific events back into your code as it encounters different elements in the XML document. When you write code using a SAX parser, you must add a content handler to handle the different events.

A DOM parser must read through the entire XML file before output can be generated by your code; with a large document, this parsing can take a significant time.

Many optimizations have been made to the basic DOM model to deal with these problems (such as lazy on-demand loading of certain parts of the document tree), and some of them work well for certain application scenarios.

The initial SAX 1.0 API is practically defined by the API that implements it (in Java).The Achilles’ heel for a DOM parser is the memory requirement when parsing moderate to large sized documents.The fact that the entire document is represented in memory makes working with large documents difficult.As the SAX parser parses the document, events such as start of document, start of element, end of element, content characters parsed, and so on, are fired into your content handler.Since the document doesn’t need to be loaded in its entirety, the SAX parser has considerably lower memory requirements than a DOM parser.

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