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He began in 1854 using the Jacquard loom to produce an infinite variety of items.The fashion for such gradually reduced until few were being produced in the 1920's, but the factory continued until blitzed in 1940.The silk is of "The Death" (STG 167), but the German title is of "The Meet" (STG 164), Sammeln.Underneath the erroneous title is "In Seide gewebt" (Woven in Silk).If a picture is framed then this will be notified in the detail relating to the item, and you are asked to note the additional nominal charge for despatch.

Carter had a special relationship with Stevens, and was permitt...(more details)Stevengraph of “The Present Time” (STG 194)....(more details)"The Death" (STG 167) is one of the set of three fox hunting Stevengraphs.It is relatively uncommon when compared with its associated Stevengraphs, being a 2* rarity in the Sprake Darby reference and therefore the rarest in the set.It is thought that they were issued and then sold at the Naval Dockyards, and therefore their popularity would have been focused and of lim...(more details)Stevengraph of “The Present Time” (STG 198).This "express train" exists in two variations, this being the LNWR Prince of Wales class engine (1911), with no driver leaning out of the cab. It...(more details)"The Present Time - 60 Miles an Hour" (STG 194a).

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