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"We're in a field where people have partners who have cheated and they're concerned they might have an STD," said Dr.

Rebecca Guinn, an OB-GYN at Harris Health who has acquired 11 new patients through the service.

Oscar Brown, who has practiced 30 years in suburban Longview, Texas, and has for years offered 30-minute free lunchtime sessions about prenatal care.

"It seems fairly superficial because everybody can put on a good face for five minutes," he said.

"I want a doctor who is up on all the new studies," said Ann Williams, a 52-year-old mother of three girls ages 18 to 22.

She attended a session to find a doctor for herself and them.

"I wonder if the consumer is really getting everything they can out of the experience. "I could see this working in a larger community where you can get a lot more practitioners together, if there's more time allowed.

After the event, the songwriters are then split up in to groups of three or four and tasked with writing a song, which they will then perform six to eight weeks later in front of their peers and BMI’s writers/publisher team.

"There's a new attitude in medicine where patients want to feel like their doctor is their friend," she said. They don't want to feel like their doctor was there for two minutes and didn't even look at them and had one hand on the doorknob the whole time." Notices about Doc Shop, the brainchild of a hospital marketing specialist, are sent to e-mail addresses in the hospital's database, posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, and showcased on fliers posted at Fort Worth businesses.

Four sessions have been held since last fall with OB-GYNs.

Ten more are scheduled for 2010, expanding to include pediatricians on March 23. The American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association don't know of any similar programs across the country.

"People know that hospitals are places to go when they are sick, but many actions by hospitals are also about making sure patients and consumers have the tools and information they need to lead healthier and better lives," said Matt Fenwick, AHA spokesman.

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