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Gray matter reduction in young adults who were spanked as children: These regions are part of the medial rostral prefrontal cortex which plays a crucial role in social cognition as well as functional organization.

Even when controlling for education levels, spanked children scored 10 points lower on IQ tests. In other words, stop spanking your kids and they will score 7.5 points higher on the IQ test.

The results controlled for For perspective, children whose moms dropped out of high school score -2.6 compared to children whose moms finished college at 0 Children who were spanked at least 12 times a year for at least 3 years have less gray matter as an adult than children with very minimal exposure or no exposure at all to harsh spanking.

Spanking = spanking with an object, on occasion, for the purpose of disciplining a child, provided it did not extend beyond the buttocks, was not conducted out of anger, and did not result in injury.

Individuals who were physically punished during childhood are 85% of parents express moderate to high levels of anger while spanking their children.

54% of mothers say that spanking was the wrong thing to have done half of the time.

No single Seattle business owners or entrepreneurs age 40 – 55. I couldn’t even find a breathing bipedal male aged 18 to 80.

Of course, the site is brand spanking new and as the FAQ page puts it, “while our membership is growing, there will be areas with few members.” Unfortunately, even searching nationwide with the parameters cranked all the way open, I only found 12 single men (and 14 single women).

Children who are spanked more than twice a month at age 3 are 49% more likely to be aggressive at age 5.On this site, you'll find links to stories, praise for my writing (*blush*) and the odd bit of social commentary about the single life.Also here, a few shameless plugs for my books (hint: see links below).If harsh physical punishment did not occur, the prevalence of psychiatric disorders might be reduced by 2% to 7%. Any where from 2,907,200 to 10,175,200 could be spared by not spanking.Increased chance of developing a physical condition if spanked When spanking fails, parents who rely on it tend to increase the intensity of its use rather than to change strategies.

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