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The Short Version: A lot of elements go into a wedding, including the flowers, food, drinks, and — the make it or break it factor — music.That’s a lot of places for things to go just right… The best solution is to consult a professional, and, for wedding music, that means Matchmaker Band.A timeless R&B song, Stevie credits his mother with coining the title and chorus of this 1970 hit.Another classic, this 1978 single has been rocking dance floors for over 30 years.According to Jerry, most couples already have “their song,” but here are some suggestions if you need inspiration. Rumored to have been inspired by a gospel song of similar title, this versatile ballad has been covered by dozens of artists since it was originally recorded in 1974.

This uptempo song debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list and broke digital sales records for 2014.Formed by Jerry Wise and his good friend, Amos Traystman, Matchmaker Band has been making music in Austin, Texas — the live music capital of the world — since 2008.Specializing in Motown, soul, and funk, the band has grown to a full 10 pieces — including drums, guitar, keys, trumpet, bass, saxophone, and four vocalists.While the ceremony is special and all, most of us come to the wedding for three things: food, drinks — and dancing.These five songs are sure to get your guests grooving.

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