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There’s always a chance your date will ask for a bit of a virtual tour of your space, so don’t just shove your dirty laundry barely out of view, either. Make sure you’re lit well so she can see your face — and so you look your best. If you’re hoping to avoid double chins and other awkward angles, keep the computer’s camera level with, or slightly above, your eye line. When you’re chatting, don’t stare at yourself on the screen. You’d dress up for an in-person date, so why not put a little effort into a Skype date? The best lighting setup is to have two light sources, one coming from behind your monitor, another coming from the side. You’ll look distracted and noncommittal to the conversation. You don’t need to wear a shirt and tie, but looking like you just rolled out of bed — in a sloppy way, not a sexy one — seems lazy and disrespectful. I spoke to one Skype Dad, David, who talks to his young sons on screen twice a week.The boys are seven and eight and now live in Sweden with their Swedish mother.Could you be a useful and loving father to your children if you only ever saw them on a computer screen? So much of being a parent is about being physically there.It’s curious then that our courts seem to think the opposite — that a chat via Skype or on an i Pad is all a father needs to bond with and care for his child.David, back in England, says he can feel his relationship with them deteriorating weekly: ‘It’s the worst form of torture for a parent.’ Skype Dads have been common in the United States and Canada since 2002, where video calls were at first a lifeline for fathers with children living in different states. When he and his wife divorced in 2002, she asked the Utah courts for permission to move to Wisconsin with their four-year-old daughter.Gough, a software security specialist working for Hewlett Packard, was aware of a bit of kit called Net Meeting, used for video conference calls.

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We travel more these days, and so we meet our partners abroad.Adam speaks to his son late on a Friday night; early on a Saturday morning in Australia and he says the time difference is very difficult. I have never picked him up from school and probably never will.’ Then there’s the hidden, perhaps anxiously controlling presence of the ex.Several fathers told me they were aware of the mother of their children hovering in the background — just an arm visible on the edge of the screen. Some judges may now have realised that virtual visitation has limitations.Sir Nicholas was persuaded by the mother’s lawyers that technology would allow the family to keep in touch.The children would return to the UK for one month a year to stay with their father.

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