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The added expense of surveying every 10 feet prohibits using the tangential method for calculating the wellbore course especially when more accurate methods are available.

"With my study and practice works performed on live well data, I observed that the calculations based on Tangential Method gives a considerably large value of departure and in some cases the well appears to be too shallow.

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Also, the distance between surveys has an effect on the quantity of the error.

The longer the distance between survey stations, the greater the possibility of error.Here, its worth mentioning that when the value of inclination (I) and azimuth (A) are same at both survey stations, then the denominator for some of the above equation becomes zero and hence the equation is not defined.This is the ERROR we found using "Radius of Curvature Method".In directional survey we note down the inclination and azimuth at the survey point for a particular survey depth and using these data we calculate the North-South (N-S), East-West (E-W) coordinates and TVD using few mathematical calculations.With the tangential method, the greater the build or drop rate, the greater the error.

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