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In this forum, scholars of history and international relations will discuss how to address issues of historical contention, and they will also discuss what role the United States could play to ensure that historical reconciliation between South Korea and Japan continues to move forward.

, Darrell Davis and I introduced the notion of “new localism” to emphasize the rise of modestly budgeted comedies, romance, action, and even sex pictures that worked like sleepers, helping to regenerate East Asian filmmaking and film viewing., we mean films made with distinct local ingredients that allow the audience a sense of recognition and empowerment.JAKARTA: Polygamy has long been a subject of controversy in Indonesia, so when online dating website-cum-application Ayo Poligami was launched, it quickly caught the attention of internet users.Launched on April 12 this year, Ayo Poligami came equipped with, as its name implies, a polygamy-related feature: a column in which a member could disclose their marital status along with a disclaimer of their spouse's permission to be polygamous.Based on his observations, polygamy can destroy a marriage when the husband does not inform his wife about the intention to have a second wife. Ayo Poligami is said to be designed for those looking for a serious relationship.However, as the dating site’s popularity increased, so did its number of fake accounts, as well as the frequency in which sex chats occurred.

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    Which may explain why , aka “The Skeleton Affair,” has captured the imaginations of Kolkata.