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There are no known markers of endometrial MSC-like cells.Our studies identified that PDGF-BB is necessary for endometrial stromal cell colony formation (Chan , 2004), suggesting that colony-forming endometrial stromal cells may be similar to bone marrow and adipose tissue MSC.We hypothesized that the human endometrial basalis layer would contain a MSC population responsible for monthly stromal and vascular regeneration (Gargett, 2007).We have previously identified a small population of colony-forming stromal cells in human endometrium with a colony-forming capacity of 1.25% (Chan , 2005).The human endometrium is the highly regenerative mucosal lining of the uterus; a dynamic tissue which grows 4–7 mm within 4–10 days every menstrual cycle (Mc Lennan and Rydell, 1965).The human endometrium is comprised of epithelial-lined glands surrounded by a supportive stroma.

Menstrual cycle stage was assessed according to well-established histologic criteria for the normal menstrual cycle (Noyes , 1975) by experienced histopathologists.

The aim of this study was to determine if the co-expression of two perivascular cell markers, CD146 and platelet-derived growth factor-receptor β (PDGF-Rβ), will prospectively isolate endometrial stromal cells which exhibit MSC properties, and determine their location in human endometrium.

This study shows that human endometrium contains a small population of MSC-like cells that may be responsible for its cyclical growth, and may provide a readily available source of MSC for tissue engineering applications.

Another perivascular and endothelial cell marker, CD146, a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, has been used to enrich for MSC in bone marrow and dental pulp (Shi and Gronthos, 2003).

In this study, we demonstrate that the co-expression of perivascular cell markers, CD146 and PDGF-Rβ, enables prospective isolation of multipotent endometrial MSC-like cells that are located perivascularly in human endometrium.

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