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hen you consider the list of criteria someone should have to fulfil in order to reach the top of the social housing list, being a single parent is probably – you might imagine – entirely unremarkable.

And yet, according to one town mayor, single mothers like me, should not be given priority. Because, says Lyme Regis’s first citizen Owen Lovell, we’re “morally dubious”. He said (in comments he’s now apologised for): “Everybody is aware that if you get pregnant you get accommodated, if you have drug problems you get accommodated, it is about time if you do the right thing by society you get accommodated and not ignored and left to fend for yourself.” After reading Lovell’s statement this week I was saddened, but not shocked.

At times it makes me feel unattractive and a little disconnected but we talk about it and he seems to think it's not sex that makes love or a relationship, he just doesn't NEED it. I feel like this is a very judging article and a put-down to women. Near as I can tell from these traits, it is probably the reason, as explained to me by the therapist, that is why he does not want to have sex with me. Thanks Again Wow, thanks to you and most of the creeps that replied to this article, I now know for sure that males are nothing but cold and cruel beings who go out of their way to crush a woman's confidence, and act the dumb hard-done by later.

It also proves they have an attention span of 2, because the uninformed article is talking about something other than cheating - but males have got on here backing the cheating theory...

Do you want to know the real reason why men give up sex? So you’re in relationship with a guy, or you’ve been in a relationship with a man, and he stops giving you sex. (The sex.) So what does a woman usually do in this situation? She’s looking for affair fingerprints anywhere she can possibly find them. ” Because men and women can’t be nice to each other unless there’s a penis and a vagina involved, right? We it, especially the men that are wired with more foreplay—emotional, mental, and physical—in mind. 1.7 million men & women come to me every month to find the secrets to success. All women know the real reason - they just won't admit it. It's happening all over, and it's been a long time coming. When she turned 40 it was like a switch went of and the pounds (~40 lbs or 30% of her weight at the time) piled on.

Women usually do a couple of different things, and what they do is usually ridiculous. She’ll start looking around the house for affair notes or anything she can. If she can, she’ll grab his cell phone and go through all of his text messages and try to find something that’s incriminating—even if it’s to one of his buddies. They always find an email to a woman, and then they create a story based on the email that they found. What’s really crazy is that these women go into CSI investigation mode while the answer to all their problems is right in the mirror. And after 20 years of coaching, I’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life. Due to my anger over this (the decision to gain weight and the weight gain itself) I lost the ability to perform/lost desire and she naturally assumed that I was cheating. Her suspicion has since receded although occasionally she'll say something, but she's basically upset that we haven't moved and she's upset at her weight gain.

So, the woman is suppose to responsible for the well being of her man and get him to open up to her when he obviously is not seeing that as a option in this case. He had txts and phone nbrs hidden, his phone was on silent. And our expectations that it will always be like it was in the beginning. I was dating this hot thing, we had great sex but then as we got to know each other better, there was NO compatibility at ANY other lever (other than sex). I stopped doing it, she came at me with the usual suspects DESPITE my telling her repeatedly i cant stand her constant yelling and swearing and nagging and taunts, and thats whats turning me away. ANY reason is good for them as long as it excludes them as a reason. As for cheating, yup, no ones saying thats not a reason, but if we guys cant emotionally connect at some level, we stop. I don't know, but it seems to me that you're acting just like the woman that you mention. In my situation this happened because my husband has been diagnosed with several issues. We were married in 1995 but by 1998 he was no longer interested in any physical relationship and moved out of our bedroom permanently. I tried candlelit dinners, new lingerie, being flirty, and trying to "tempt" him in new ways. If you research these diagnosed disorders, as I did because I wanted to understand them, they share many of the same traits. also,we been going through alot emotionaly, financial situation and me always fussing about something...

I 100% know, my partner isn't playing away, but it does bother me that our sex life is dwindling a little. IFFING listen to your man when he tries to tell you whats putting him off. Generalizing a situation that happen to you or to one of your friends and talking as if it where the rule of thumb, for every other woman. Nothing worked so I decided it must be me of course and gave up. The person with these traits exhibits the following toward their partner, wife, girlfriend: need to control everything, witholding of affection as a way of feeling in control and can include refusing sex, believing that everything must revolve around them and how any situation affects them. Message well taken I'm looking at myself in the mirror now...

And, in case it needed saying, the first thought on my mind when I was having unprotected sex with my then-husband back in 2009 was not “oh goodie, this could get me bumped up the housing list”. My kids were born of love, not a desire for state benefits.In the UK, there are two million single parents, making up a quarter of families with dependent children.Less than two per cent of these single parents are teenagers, with nearly 65 per cent of them in in work.Now, call me wrong, but with 1.3 million single parents in work, this doesn’t sound like a section of society in moral disrepute (something so Victorian-sounding, I feel as though I should head straight to Bedlam).I realise, of course, that I speak from a position of privilege.

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